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Collaboration #2: Paul Bergmeir - Munich, Germany

This week's second photographer is Paul Bergmeir from Munich!  One of his photographs that we laser engraved sold the other day at our art stand, and we wanted to say congratulations and thanks to Paul for letting us engrave his art!

Check out more of Paul's work below:

Original Image:


Laser Engraved by Stone Design:


We're excited to announce the launch of our brand new collaboration with!  In the next upcoming weeks, Stone Design will be posting a daily collaboration with a photographer from their collection.  We will be taking their prints, laser engraving them on our large format 3D engraver and posting the final result here on our page.  Our mission is to help promote photographers (local and international), create beautiful engravings, and continue to push the laser engraving service as a new medium for photographers to get their art distrubted.  We feel that these wood engravings maintain the photographer's original artistic vision while allowing us to add our unique twist to the printing process.  
We hope you enjoy!